The Importance of Personalised Tuition in 2024

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The Importance of Personalised Tuition in 2024

Administration / 7 Sep, 2023

A Student-Centred Approach

Each student is an individual with separate needs and learning styles. In order to gain the most from the online tutoring experience, tuition should be personalised and targeted to the student’s ability, learning style and needs for the best outcomes. Our GCSE tutors do all this and more! This is especially important for GCSE tutoring, as it includes a spectrum of year groups (9-11), exam boards and variations (e.g. GCSE Combined Science or Triple Science, Power & Conflict or Love & Relationships for GCSE English Literature Poetry).

Personalised tuition ensures that each student has their ideal learning environment met. If you are a visual learner, having a powerpoint with no diagrams delivered to you may not be educational whatsoever. By engaging with the students’ preferences, learning is more enjoyable and delivered in an easily understood manner. Tailored one-to-one teaching ensures a more interesting lesson that aims to appeal to their learning style. This helps develop genuine interest in subjects such as GCSE Maths and GCSE English.

Goals and Targets for Personalised Tuition in 2024

Targets should be set that are aimed at the student’s current level and considering their other responsibilities and commitments (a GCSE tutor can help with this). It is inappropriate to set goals that are unachievable for a particular student but may be attainable for another. Each student should be treated as an individual to allow them to achieve goals that will build their confidence. This is essential to ensure personalised online tuition is effective.

By accommodating to each student, this also saves time and effort in the long run. Continuously tutoring in a way that doesn’t suit the student is a waste of time for the student and tutor. The environment feels more safe and comfortable when it meets the students’ needs. This allows the student to grow in confidence, ask questions and fulfil their potential in 2024 and beyond.

Testing and Feedback within Personalised Tuition

Personalised tuition also means that the student can be tested periodically at an appropriate level. Studies can also be arranged around their timetable to allow students to be best prepared for learning opportunities. Feedback from tests and lessons will be tailored to the student, therefore providing feedback that’s streamlined and specific to them. Improvements can consequently be made and they can continue to progress.

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