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Our tutors focus on the key assessment objectives outlined in the GCSE English specification. This includes structure, analysis, quote extraction and comprehension of text. We cover AQA, Edexcel and OCR and both English Literature & Language.

Over 85% of our students achieve grades 7-9 in GCSE English. This is due to the way in which we help develop our students’ writing. Using research-driven teaching techniques and our exclusive bank of model essays, our students are able to write more eloquently and coherently in a short time frame. Whether it’s creative writing or an essay analysing a literary text, our students become well-rounded and confident writers well before their final exams!

Our GCSE English tutors are available from £23/hr at GCSE-Level and £24/hr at 11+. We have various packages (with discounts) for parents looking to book multiple lessons or multiple subjects. Our pricing is explained further here.

Our GCSE English tutors are passionate young people who study or have graduated from top UK universities. They have all engaged in a multi-step process which tests their GCSE English tutoring expertise, personality (friendliness & rapport building) and GCSE English curriculum aptitude. The selection process is rigorous and all tutors are interviewed by our team of experienced educators (Only 1 in 7 make it).

Firstly, we understand that every student is unique and struggles with different areas of GCSE English, so this is why we champion personalised online tuition. The virtual classroom has many tools that enables different teaching styles to be implemented within GCSE English lessons, so that students can develop their confidence and exam technique with their GCSE English tutor. Our GCSE English tutors plan tuition around your child’s struggles, and reports are sent to your inbox to ensure you’re involved and aware of your child’s progress!

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Need help finding a GCSE English tutor?

GCSE English tuition can be a real help in becoming a more coherent and analytical writer. For example, understanding the meaning and themes behind texts such as Macbeth and Power & Conflict poems is difficult but our GCSE English tutors cover the content at your pace and provide supplementary resources to consolidate your learning. Our GCSE English tutors also ensure your child is exam-ready and has their essay structure and one-word analysis perfected in time for their GCSE exams. GCSE English tuition can be boring but our tutors utilise interactive teaching styles to make GCSE English fun and engaging!

What are the benefits of 1:1 online GCSE English tuition?

From our experience, weekly one-to-one lessons with a best-fit GCSE English tutor can help strengthen a student’s analytical writing and build confidence. Taking lessons online adds flexibility to the GCSE English tutoring and saves energy from having to commute too! Our tutors cover both GCSE English Literature and Language to make sure you’re fully prepared to get your target/dream grade.

How to find a GCSE English tutor with Tutoring4You

Finding a GCSE English tutor no longer needs to be restricted to who you and your family knows in your local area. Our GCSE English tutors with track records of boosting grades by 2 or more within 6 months are marvellous. They cover AQA, Edexcel and OCR and the associated literary texts.

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