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Our tutors focus on the key objectives outlined in the GCSE Maths specification with a key priority on critical thinking and methodology. This enables our students to become independent mathematicians that can solve a range of questions, regardless of how they are worded or structured.

There is one main reason why over 85% of our students achieve grades 7-9 in GCSE Maths: Our tutors focus on tackling the ‘trouble topics’ first and foremost. These are the GCSE Maths topics that the majority of students struggle with and where most marks are lost in exams. ‘Trouble topic’ examples: histograms, algebraic graphs (quadratic), inequalities, proof

Our GCSE Maths tutors are available from £23/hr. We have various packages (with discounts) for parents looking to book multiple lessons or multiple subjects. Our pricing is explained further here.

Our GCSE Maths tutors are passionate young people who study or have graduated from top UK universities. They have all engaged in a multi-step process which tests their GCSE Maths tutoring expertise, personality (friendliness & rapport building) and GCSE Maths curriculum aptitude. The selection process is rigorous and all tutors are interviewed by our team of experienced educators (Only 1 in 7 make it).

Firstly, we understand that every student is unique and struggles with different areas of GCSE Maths, so this is why we champion personalised online tuition. The virtual classroom has many tools that enables different teaching styles to be implemented within GCSE Maths lessons, so that students can develop their confidence and exam technique with their GCSE Maths tutor. Our GCSE Maths tutors plan tuition around your child’s struggles, and reports are sent to your inbox to ensure you’re involved and aware of your child’s progress!

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We understand that timetables may change on a weekly basis, so that's why we allow rescheduling of lessons, cancellations and booking of one-off extra lessons.

Need help finding a GCSE Maths tutor?

GCSE Maths is a core part of the GCSE curriculum and some students find it more challenging than other. But, a qualification in GCSE Maths can open up a lot of opportunities for students for their A-Levels and University course.

Our GCSE Maths tutors are experienced and able to get the best out of your teen so they can secure that grade and enjoy GCSE Maths.

How much does a GCSE Maths tutor cost? We make effective, high quality tutoring as affordable as possible. Our GCSE prices start from £23/hr and we cover all exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR amongst others)

Do I really need a GCSE Maths tutor? GCSE Maths is a core component of the GCSE curriculum which requires a little support along the way. Our GCSE Maths tutors can offer their skills and expert knowledge in multiple ways:

1. Progress monitoring – receive lesson reports from your teen’s tutor. Measure their improvements and contribute to their holistic development outside of GCSE Maths tuition lessons.

2. Academic Mentors – one of the best things of having a tutor not too far off your teen’s age. Our tutors aced their exams not so long ago and they know the mental side of things and can offer invaluable advice.

3. Tailored exam preparation – our tutors have sat the same exams and know the content like the back of their hand. Have faith in their teaching and let them share their valuable insights. Soon your teen will be regurgitating the mark scheme in their answers like a robot!

How many weekly GCSE Maths tuition lessons will my child need? This often varies depending on the timeline you have, the baseline level and your own personal goals. To find out how many exactly, consider the following:

1. Assessment – you can ask your tutor for an initial baseline GCSE Maths assessment. This helps identify weak areas and to create a study/tuition plan.

2. Family factors – what’s your budget and how do the regular lessons fit into your family’s on-going schedule?

EXPERT recommendation: A minimum of one GCSE Maths tuition lessons a week is usually what most students start with. When they’re approaching exams, or senior years in school (i.e. year 10, 11 and beyond) then this ramps up.

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