About Us

Champions of Personalised Tuition ⭐

Who are we?

Two best friends (a medic and soon-to-be lawyer) founded Tutoring4You, with a common vision of creating a tuition experience which is student-centred, parent-friendly and tutor-caring!

Our Main Focus

The fundamental pillars of our tuition at Tutoring4You are building confidence, content fluency, and exam technique. All three are integrated within all our lessons. So when welcoming new tutors into our team, we ensure that these fundamental core values are embedded into their teaching. In particular, we really focus on the core subjects like GCSE Maths , both for higher and foundation, GCSE Science , whether it’s triple science or combined science for all exam boards, Edexcel, OCR, or AQA, and also for GCSE English literature and GCSE English language.

More About Our Story

The story behind Tutoring4You actually goes back to 2013. Through the years, from developing from year 7 to 11, Solomon and Nayan found that specific study techniques , revision strategies, and ways to really prepare for exams helped us stand out from our peers. That then led them to become private tutors around Birmingham and they found that very fulfilling. But after a certain amount of time, they found that we were limited to only helping children in Birmingham, and that was quite frustrating. So, the pair decided to set up an online tutoring service in order to expand their reach and really help as many students as possible throughout the UK.

Nayan’s Background & Vision

Nayan has been a tutor myself for the last five years, so he really understands that as parents, you can’t really stop yourself from worrying about your child. So with that in mind, specific features of our tuition are in place so that you can worry as little as possible about your child’s education. Things such as weekly lesson reports to ensure you can monitor your child’s progress, homework to consolidate the learning that has taken place within our lessons, and having tutors accessible outside of the lesson time that you’re paying for. These three things are ingrained within our service, and it really ensures that Tutoring4You is tutor-caring, parent-friendly and student-centred.

Nayan’s personal belief is that with online tutoring and just tutoring in general, it shouldn’t be geared just towards learning content, the curriculum content, but also towards teaching study techniques as well. Because that’s often left a miss by school teachers and general tutors as well.

Being the first person in his family to get into medical school, Nayan can really understand the hardships of going through a competitive process to secure such a prestigious place in a very competitive course. And it’s this experience that really drives him to ensure that other people from similar backgrounds don’t get left out and that everyone has an equal opportunity.

Solomon’s Background & Vision

Solomon co-founded Tutoring4You because he wanted to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to resources , tutors, and personalised one-to-one time. Law itself as a subject is all about equal opportunity and providing justice for everyone regardless of background. It’s quite frustrating to see firsthand that a lot of students miss opportunities of getting into such academic institutes that they could get in.

Having been a student himself, Solomon understands the struggle of trying to find the best revision method or the best exam technique, and how to approach an exam-style question. It was always something that confused him and something he never understood. So he always looked for direction. When Solomon was about 15 or 16 years old, he found a tutor for himself that really carved out a lot of time for him. 60-minute sessions, three times a week, made a lot of difference in his academic journey. It led him to where he is today. Having struggled in particular with the GCSE Sciences and other core subjects like GCSE Maths and GCSE English , he wasn’t always a bright student. But, he discovered shortcuts on how to achieve top grades. He learned these shortcuts himself and loves to share this with other students and make a bigger impact.

Solomon has tutored numerous students for the past seven years, but was never satisfied, as he still wanted more. He still wanted to make a bigger difference. Thus, he felt as though the only way to do this was through creating an online tuition platform that could help as many students, particularly in the local area of Birmingham and even those outside of Birmingham.


How We’re Different & Get Real Results

We know that school has quite a rigid approach to how teaching is done, and so we’re quite different from that. We really personalise the way lessons are delivered, resources are collated for these lessons, and just the tutor’s approach is very friendly, interactive, and engaging to ensure that your child actually enjoys their learning. And the main reason behind this is that we found that every child is unique, and so having a one-size-fits-all method wouldn’t really be effective.

One last thing

A common thing that is reiterated to our tutoring team is that the child is the focus. Your child is our focus.

Nayan’s Background & Vision

Every student is different so I’m a big believer in personalised tutoring and teaching revision methods as well as just content in lessons.

Solomon’s Background & Vision

One tutor can change a student’s whole perspective of a subject. This is the kind of character we look for when bringing new tutors into our team!