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11+ English, 13+ English, GCSE English, GCSE German, GCSE History, A-Level German
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About Jyothi Cross

I am a finalist at the University of Cambridge, going on to a master's at Manchester in September 2024. I specialise in anthropology, the study of social life, and the study of learning disabilities. I received high grades at GCSE and A-Level, and am confident that I can support those who may be struggling.

My Teaching Approach

I approach teaching with an engaged style, basing each lesson around a topic/theme that the student is struggling the most with. This may vary from week to week and I am flexible to that. I look to build on already existing knowledge from school and improve students' understanding of a topic. I will also cater homework towards specific difficulties, and also in line with students' time constraints and general wellbeing.

I am also able to provide online support for students who are struggling due to a learning disability, and cater towards more general skills such as essay planning, note taking, and so on.