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About Kai Carey


I am a second year medical student currently studing at the Univeristy of Liverpool. I have a pasison for science, in particular the life sciences such as biology and chemistry. Throughout my time in A-levels and university I have taught over 1000 hours; to a variety of students of differng academic abillities ; but all of whom benefitted greatly in their abillity to self realise their own weaknesses and improve on revision techniques. 

Beyond my tutoring work at this company I enjoy helping teach younger students in medicine and have assisted in teaching sessions for the university.

Outside of my tutoring i enjoy sports and art and comete in competitions for both!

My Teaching Approach

  • My teahing approach is centred around the most recent scientific methods and is focused on spaced repetition and using memory cues. This is the method i have used to get in to and succeed in medical school!

    In more laymans terms we will approach a topic as if we have never come across it before, this allows me as a tutor to identify wekanesses and strengths the students mave have. From this I develop a work plan for the sessions and time we have. Slowly we will work though all of the content and create links between topics to reinforce understanding and learning. Finally when it comes towards the exam periods we will recap all of the content we have covered in our sessions and practise exam papers to improve exam technique and boost the students confidence ready for the exam day.